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I just best this game and it is honestly the most beautiful and most depressing game I’ve ever played. Before I continue with why I’m so moved by it, this post will be spoiler free so there’s no need to worry about reading this if you haven’t played it. There are so many reasons why I love this game, and this post will be talking about all of these.

I didn’t know what to expect of this game, but it surpassed my expectations by far. In Fragile Dreams you’re playing as a young teenage boy named Seto who is on of the only survivors in the apocalyptic world. Like many things with this setting, he is searching for other survivors but this journey is so much more than that. I’ll number everything I like about this game that way it’s easier to read.

1. While this game is extremely depressing and will make you cry if you are sensitive like I am, it also changes your perspective on life and really makes you think about your purpose in this world, and I happen to really enjoy things that can make me react in this way.

2. There are a lot of unique features about this game. One, there is voice acting for all dialogue in the game which is extremely rare. You have the option of making the voice actors either English or Japanese (subtitles are available for both settings) and I’m really glad they gave this option. I at first started with English but switched to Japanese. This is just an opinion of mine, but the Japanese voice acting felt more real and more emotional which is why I stuck with this setting.

3. There’s no background music (except when an enemy is near). Normally I like there to be bgm for video games, but I feel like it would have taken away from the “being alone in an apocalyptic world” experience. 

4. It is a horror game but it’s not super duper scary. The horror genre is by far one of my favorites but I don’t do well with super scary video games and I felt like this game was a nice fit for me. The scariest this game ever gets is a lot of the places you explore are underground and really dark and you only have the light of your flashlight so being in that scenario can get pretty creepy, and even more so since everything is abandoned and looks run down. Seto has a special ability in this game. He can see spirits and because of this you run into evil spirits you have to fight but they aren’t super scary. Like I said, it was a really nice fit for someone that loves horror but doesn’t want to play something extremely terrifying.

5. One of my favorite things about this game is the memory items you collect. Like mentiones above, Seto has supernatural abilities and when he picks up a belonging of someone that has passed away, he can listen to the memory associated with that item. These memories can be very sad, but it makes the experience of the game so much better and to truly enjoy this game to the fullest, you should try to collect all of the memory items like I did. There are several memory items that are associated with others (for example there are four pieces to a torn picture) and it makes this game have a nice touch to it.

6. How the world ended is extremely unique. I said this would be spoiler free so I’m not going to say how it did, but you eventually find out how it did and it’s really quite sad.

7. This game has a high replay value and it lasts a really long time. In the end it took me 23 hours to beat this game(it keeps track of the amount of gameplay on the save file). It may take some quicker, but I really took my time with it. I explored ever inch of this game and didn’t rush myself. Along with looking for all of the memory items, I also just enjoyed looking at all of the little details that were put into this game.

I’m trying to remember other reasons why I love this game so much but I think I pretty much got them all. Overall I give it a 10/10. It’s really become my favorite video game. The only con I have to say about it is that the movements/controls can sometimes be glitchy, but it’s very subtle and it doesn’t at all take away from the game. This game is extremely rare to find in a store, but I you can find a new copy on amazon for only $20 which I think is a great deal. It really is a sad experience, but it’s also a really rare and really great one which is why it’s become my favorite game. I really hope I’ve convinced at least one person to play it because it’s not something you want to miss out on.

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